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What is happiness?

Happiness isn’t a silver bullet – it’s silver buckshot. Learn how to create a happier life.

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The world’s happiest people cultivate six physical, social and psychological domains that matter most to wellbeing. And you can too.

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  1. Community
    Where we live has the biggest impact on our happiness. Look for a place with economic freedom, low unemployment, high tolerance, and good governance.
  2. Workplace
    Most of us spend more than half our waking hours at work.  Optimize your work life with a short commute, a job that engages your talents, and close friendship with a colleague.
  3. Social Life
    Relationships matter. The happiest Americans report 7-8 hours of social interaction a day–face time, not Facebook.
  4. Financial Life
    Money buys happiness but only to a certain point. After food, shelter, education, mobility and healthcare, invest in experiences and financial security.
  5. Home
    Set up your home so that it enhances well-being and decreases stress just by living in it.
  6. Self
    People who can articulate their life purpose in one sentence are 20% happier than those who can’t.

What is true happiness?

Can we define happiness? Can we measure it? We’ve worked with the leading experts in positive psychology to find out. Learn what true happiness is – and how to find yours.

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Thrive: Find Happiness the Blue Zones Way

In THRIVE, New York Times bestselling author and explorer, Dan Buettner, reports on the surprising findings from his five-year global study on the keys to personal happiness. In addition to sharing his extraordinary accounts of the happiest people on the planet, Buettner examines how their unique lifestyles correlate to their extraordinary well-being. Finally — and most important — Buettner details how to incorporate these powerful characteristics into our daily routine so that we, too, can THRIVE.

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