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Blue Zones Project and Walkability Expert Dan Burden

Civic visionary and walkability expert Dan Burden teams up with Dan Buettner and the Blue Zones Project™ in Iowa to work with the community on how best to optimize their environment. Burden provides an opportunity for all citizens to take a broader look at their surroundings and really focus on…

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Hy Vee Boosts Sales with Healthier Options

  Hy Vee Boosts Sales with Healthier Options Local Cedar Falls Blue Zones Project™ participant, Hy-Vee, worked under project guidelines to increase sales of healthy replacements for sugar-sweetened beverages and candy bars at checkout aisles and in beverage coolers. These changes led to an increase in sales of healthy snack…

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Mindless Exercise: Live to 100 Without Even Trying

Brought to you by GreenPal In 17 American cities, we’re recreating Blue Zones by helping put physical activity back into people’s lives. We’re not going to solve America’s obesity epidemic with exercise. The average American only burns 100 calories per day engaged in exercise. The key to losing weight and…

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