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Slim by Design: 9 Questions for Brian Wansink, PhD

You once told me that people with a toaster on their counter, on average, weight 9 lbs. more. How do you explain that? This is from a really cool study of 230 homes in Syracuse, NY, where we photographed everyone’s kitchen and weighed homeowners. Those with a toaster on their counter…

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The Blue Zones Solution

Dan Buettner’s new book, The Blue Zones Solution:  Eating and Living Like the World’s Healthiest People will be released April 7.  Look for Dan’s cover story in Parade April 5 as well as appearances on The Today Show and NBC Nightly News on April 7. This book is a practical…

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Why are Americans so afraid to give their kids room to roam?  The Op-Ed page of Sunday’s New York Times featured a disturbing article about how little freedom kids today have to explore even their own neighborhoods. At the beginning of each of my talks, I ask how many people…

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Spare The Sweat

This week’s Minneapolis StarTribune article “Front & Center” by Courtney Rubin details how competitive fitness classes have become. Type A exercisers race to establish front row positioning, either reserving their spots online or arriving 20 minutes early. Blue Zones recommends avoiding the gym altogether and moving naturally as one of…

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Creative Altruism

“This recently immigrated Jamaican woman, an unlikely hero who practiced creative altruism, was so concerned when a young girl was killed by a driver in front of her house that she grabbed this trash can, walking her neighborhood, collecting $2,500 then matched, and matched and matched again, positioning the community to receive over $700,000…

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Q and A With Dan Burden

Completing the Story of Complete Streets Edited by Eric Shearer Across the nation as we make an important discovery about traffic and human health, we’re making big changes in how we view traffic. We’re completing our streets, putting in cycle tracks, building light rail, changing our intersections, and taking away…

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Photography by Samantha Thomas ©2014


Blog By Dan Burden, Director of Innovation and Inspiration Photography By Samantha Thomas, Built Environment Manager  It started with an epiphany and grew from there. I discovered my mission to make our communities more walkable 35 years ago while trekking through Australia and New Zealand. The towns there reminded me…

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