8 Simple Secrets to Living Longer

After spending nine months in Costa Rica, Dan Buettner and the Blue Zones team discover the Nicoyan lessons for living longer.

Watch this short video and learn eight simple secrets that will add years to your life. We’ve summarized the eight secrets of Nicoyan longevity below.

8 Secrets to Nicoyan Longevity:

1. Chorotega Factor

Modern Nicoyans are heavily influenced by the indigenous Chorotega, their stress-free lifestyle, and their diet of lye-fortified corn and beans

2. Hard Water

Nicoya water has the country’s highest calcium content.

3. Family Focus

Centenarians tend to live as a couple, with children and grandchildren, or with other family members.

4. Light Dinner

Eating fewer calories is one of the surest ways to add years to your life.

5. Dry Climate

More vitamin D and fewer respiratory diseases.

6. Social Networks

Frequent visits from neighbors and friends makes life better.

7. Work

Centenarians have done regular physical activity their whole lives — whether it’s heavy-duty chores, gardening, farming, or other manual labor.

8. Plan de Vida

Successful centenarians have a strong sense of purpose — they feel wanted and needed and contribute to the greater good.

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