Creating a Personal Blueprint for Health and Happiness

At the young age of 13, Mariel Hemingway started her film career, making her silver screen debut in “Lipstick.” Four years later, her work in Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” earned her an Oscar nomination. She has since made 30 films, numerous television appearances and a host of several environmental and humanitarian documentaries.

Mariel Hemingway has been pursuing her passion for yoga and health for the past 20 years, and is now seen as a voice for holistic and balanced health and well-being. She leads wellness retreats across America, sharing her insights about movement, silence, nutrition, and home. In 2003, she published her powerful bestselling memoir, Finding My Balance, a truly insightful and inspiring story of her journey through life. Mariel’s second book, Mariel Hemingway’s Healthy Living from the Inside Out, is a how-to guide to finding one’s balance and health using self-empowering lifestyle techniques. Her latest book is a gluten free, sugar free cookbook called Mariel’s Kitchen.

Another of Mariel’s passions is her love of the outdoors … connecting with nature and becoming younger through food, breath, exercise and nature. She has partnered with Robert Williams, an eco-adventurer whose life has been dedicated to adventure, healing and nature, to produce a new book connected to their lifestyle company, The WillingWay. They are traveling all over the country sharing what they know about anti-aging, having fun and feeling great.

1. What did you have for Breakfast?

A Green Shake made from avocado, healthy greens, raw honey, whey protein and a raw egg from one of my chickens.

2. How do you manage stress?

First, I get a good night’s sleep. I used to think I was cool, and I didn’t need sleep.  Mistake! Now I know better.  I go to bed early and wake up between 5 and 6:30 a.m. After my morning shake, I take time to be in silence or meditate. In the middle of stressful day, I take a five-minute nap.

3. What is your life purpose?

I inspire people to help them find themselves by creating a personal blueprint for health and happiness. I start by making a good example from my daughters (Langley Fox, 23, and Dree, 24) and then for others. It only works when you’re authentic. People sense when you’re not.

4. Who, either historical or living, do you most admire?

My partner Bobby really inspires me. He’s taught me to be myself, and not apologize for who I’m not. He gives me the space to accept who I am, to feel that I’m good enough, and to “relax” into myself. It’s such a rare thing to find in a partner, but it’s precious.

5. What’s your secret to longevity?

It’s thinking the right way. If you can shift your thought process to say, “I’m going to live a long time,” reality follows. I love Bruce Lipton’s book, the Biology of Believing. We’ve grown up in a society that says “I’m going to work until I’m 65, getting stressed and sick along the way. Then I’m going to spend all the money I made  working on my healthcare and die by 80.” I don’t believe that has to be the case. We all have an ability to invent our own lives. I believe I’m going to live into my 100s, and now I’m living my life accordingly.

6. What general advice do you give people?

My struggle has been about self worth. I used to think I wasn’t good enough. When I see that in other people, I advise them to look at what isn’t working in themselves and start from there. You have to take an inventory of what you’re good at and what your strengths are. Then, try new things. The real adventure flows from trying new things you’re passionate about.

7. How do you stay connected?

Thank God for social media. I’m very private. We don’t go out to a lot of parties or out with other people. When I do, I put aside distractions and completely focus on the people I’m with. Since I can only do that with a few people, I stay connected to media. I spend some time every morning on Twitter. I can’t know them all, but at least I feel like I can touch their lives.

8. Of the books you’ve written, which one makes you most proud?

I’ve written three books.  My first was Healthy Living Inside Out. Then I wrote Mariel’s Kitchen, a cookbook (check out the vegetable paella or the gluten-free “blisscuits”). But my favorite was Finding My Balance. I wrote it in journal form, then faxed it to a collaborator who put structure to it. It can be used for self-help, but it’s also very personal.

9. Who is your favorite character from your grandfather’s books?

Lady Brett in the Sun Also Rises. She’s complicated, crazy, kind of messed up, but compelling all at once. I’d love to play her in a serious movie. I’d be perfect.

You can find Mariel at The WillingWay, as a curator for OPEN SKY, on Twitter @MarielHemingway, or on Facebook.

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