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Okinawa Exploration Backgrounds

Long living Okinawa woman farming

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Okinawa has long been famous for its longevity. In fact, the Pacific island was originally referred to as the land of immortals, and even after repeated Chinese and Japanese invasions it still claims some of the world’s longest-lived people. Residents have less cancer, heart disease and dementia than Americans, while Okinawan women live longer than anywhere else on the planet.

Health is a cornerstone of Okinawan life. Here, we met people who ate a modest, mostly vegetarian diet and stayed active well into old age. But their real secret to longevity lies in their dedication to friends and family and in having a strong sense of meaning in life.

Okinawa is beginning to change. Since the invasion of fast food and other modern conveniences, life expectancies have plummeted. Some parents now outlive their children as time-honored traditions slowly fade away. Okinawa serves as a reminder of just how much we can learn from the generations that came before us.

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