Top 9 Recipes of 2017

These top-performers were fan favorites in 2017! This list is a treasured assortment of delicious dishes that we will continue to love into the new year.

  1. Longevity Minestrone Soup

A recipe passed down from Sardinian elders. This one is usually packed with “whatever’s growing in the garden.”

adventist potato soup

  1. Adventist Vegetable Soup

Feeding a crowd? This recipe is a perfect combination of warmth and flavor.

  1. Vanilla Cherry ‘Nice’ Cream

A summertime favorite, made healthy! So “nice” you could even eat it for breakfast.

Sweet Potato Cakes recipe with Lime and Avocado and

  1. Sweet Potato Cakes

Topped with 2017’s favorite produce – avocado – this spin on brunch is perfect for a leisurely weekend morning.

  1. Perfect Crockpot Beans

These beans are a favorite because they’re versatile and delicious. Turn them into tacos or add them to any soup!


  1. Easy Lentil Soup

What’s better than a meal that requires almost no prep work? Lentils are a staple to always have in your pantry because they don’t need to be soaked like many other dried legumes.


  1. Ikarian-Style Sourdough Bread

“Bread is bad for you.” We’ve heard that a lot over the years, but centenarians in the blue zones areas don’t fall for fads. Ikarian-style sourdough bread is a staple, and has been for generations.

  1. Savory Roasted Chickpeas

Pop them in the oven for a popcorn alternative or a perfect office snack to beat that afternoon slump.


  1. Ikarian Longevity Stew

Your favorite recipe of 2017 – and dare we say, our favorite of all time – Ikarian longevity stew!

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