All Profits to Charity: Blue Zones Gives Back to Centenarians

Blue Zones® has committed to giving back to the elders that have given us so much wisdom since the beginning of the company. In 2018, 100 percent of the Blue Zones Store profit will go to Asociación Península de Nicoya Zona Azul.


The goal of Asociación Península de Nicoya Zona Azul is to help the centenarian and nonagenarian population in the Nicoyan blue zones area with ongoing economic problems. With the help of your purchases and the great work of Asociación Península, we can provide the residents of Nicoya a better quality of life by supplying essentials like food and personal care products.


In addition, Asociación Península provides constant monitoring and frequent visits to residents over 90-years-old.


Any purchase you make in the Blue Zones Store, whether it’s a t-shirt or tea, will help us give to our friends in Nicoya.

The leadership at the association will be continuing the work Dan Buettner and Blue Zones began by tracking the centenarians and telling their stories and learning more about their lifestyles.

It’s Good to Give Back

Studies show that people who volunteer or find ways to give back to others, tend to have better healthlower blood pressure, report higher levels of happiness, and tend to have lower rates of stress. All of these things can improve your overall well-being and add years to your life.

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