Blue Zones Gift Guide: 25 Highly-Rated Amazon Products We Love


These gifts are some of our favorite Amazon finds that will help you, your friends, and your family set up your environments and lives so that health and happiness can start to just simply happen. With simple nudges and activities you can do together as a family, you will not only help add years to your own life, but you’ll increase the chances your loved ones will be around a lot longer too. 


Move Naturally

sixthreezero Around the Block Women’s Beach Cruiser

Just having a functioning bike nudges you to use it. And having a helmet is important for longevity too: Wearing a bicycle helmet reduces the risk of serious head injury in crashes by as much as 85 percent and the risk of brain injury by as much as 88 percent.

Garden Genie Gloves

Studies show that there are scientifically significant increases in people’s health and happiness when they spend time in nature and engage in active nature behaviors, such as feeding the birds and planting flowers.

Desk or Couch Pedaler

Something about keeping it under your desk or in front of the couch? Setting up your environment

Samsung Galaxy Buds Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds

BAAPET 5 ft Strong Dog Leash

Studies show that dog ownership increases activity and that on average they walk 23 more minutes a day compared to non-dog owners—enough to meet U.S. and international exercise recommendations for substantial health benefits.

Eat Wisely

The Blue Zones Kitchen: 100 Recipes to Live to 100

Zulay High Powered Milk Frother 

To make lattes or turmeric lattes!

Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Lipper International 294 Cherry Finished Wavy Rimmed Serving Bowl for Fruit

Having a beautiful bowl filled with fruits out on the counter in the kitchen will make it easier to choose a healthy snack.

Blue Zones Nicoya Costa Rican Longevity Tea

Centenarians from the blue zones frequently drink tea. Ikarians drink herbal teas made from wild oregano, sage, and rosemary—all of which lower blood pressure. Researchers have also found that chamomile tea contains properties that guard against platelet clumping; peppermint tea exhibits antiviral properties, and hibiscus tea may lower blood pressure.

Blue Zones Nicoya NutriMaximum Maya Nut Drink Powder

Centenarians in most blue zones regions drink coffee daily, sometimes up to two to three cups a day. Tea, both herbal and green, is also a popular beverage. For those who need or want to avoid caffeine, however, Maya nut powder is a caffeine-free, nutrient-dense alternative to coffee that can be prepared in the same manner. The flavor is mild with notes of cinnamon or mocha; it does not have a bitter aftertaste, and it can be made hot or iced. Even though it is caffeine-free, people report a natural energy boost after drinking Maya nut drinks.

YETI Rambler 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Family First

Watch Ya’ Mouth Hilarious Family Party Game

TABLETOPICS Family Gathering Questions to Start Great Conversations

Twister Ultimate

Personalized Bracelet 

Personalize it for your friends or family as a reminder of their purpose or with the names of loved ones. Similar to a “pride shrine” — “pride shrine” is a place with family photos, mementos, and objects that display your accomplishments. Every time you walk by, you’ll be rewarded with a surge of pride and a reminder of how you fit into the world.



CASOFU Tortilla Throw Blanket

Nicoyan centenarians frequently eat freshly made corn tortillas at breakfast lunch and dinner. Ground corn, or nixtamal, is used to make their simple tortillas and it is known to increase the body’s ability to absorb calcium, iron, and minerals.

Alaska Bear Natural Sleep Mask

Centenarians in the blue zones took naps regularly. A study in 2011 from BPS Research Digest shows how sleep affects our happiness. The research found that people who take an afternoon nap are desensitized to negative emotions yet more responsive to positive ones.

YnM Weighted Blanket 

The Three Company Stress Relieving Relaxation Herb Combo

Research performed by Dr. Brian Raudenbush, the Department Chair of psychology at Wheeling Jesuit University, shows the smell of lavender is particularly effective at reducing human stress hormones.

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller

Alexander Del Rossa Robe


Purpose & Right Outlook

2020 Planner

Brain Games #1: Lower Your Brain Age in Minutes a Day

A recent study published in JAMA Psychiatry associated activities like reading books or magazines, playing games, or even betting on horse racing with a lower risk of dementia in older adults.


Gifting Experiences, Not Things:

Local Zoo Membership

Botanical Garden Membership

Symphony Orchestra Tickets

Art Museum Membership

Local CSA Box Membership

State Park Pass

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