Top 16 Stories of 2019—Fasting, Gut Health, Friendship, and Blue Zones Diet

This round-up is a collection of the most-read and most-shared articles, stories, and posts of 2019. This year’s top posts were on topics including fasting, gut health, friendship, and diets of centenarians. Enjoy!

Fasting Makes Our Cells Resilient to Stress

6 Ways to Improve Gut Health


These 4 Lifestyle Changes Improve Heart Health, Sexual Health, and Alzheimer’s Risk

Ornish lifestyle

The 2 Foods That Combat Alzheimer’s Disease (& Other Lifestyle Factors to Reduce Your Risk of Cognitive Decline)


NEWS: Canada’s New Food Guide Rooted in Research, Not Food Industry Lobby


Forest or Nature Bathing: Ancient Practices, Modern Uses, and the Science of Relaxationforest-bathing-woodsBlue Zones Kitchen: 500-Year-Old Recipes from the World’s Longest-Lived PeopleBlue Zones KitchenWhy the Calorie is Brokenwhy-the-calorie-is-brokenWhy We Eat Too Much, Move Too Little & Feel Stressed All the Time—And What We Can Do to Feel Better

evolutionRESEARCH: Mushrooms are Disease-Fighting Starsmushroom-nutritional-starGet Outside!

How Can You Live to 100?

Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, Dinner Like a Pauper

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Centenarians in the blue zones typically eat a light dinner early in the evening. For most of their lives, their diets were highlighted with mainly plant foods like beans, greens, grains, nuts, and fruit, all of which were locally grown and in season. Try making a lighter dinner of Middle Eastern small plates, or mezze, with hummus, baba ganoush, olives, and dried fruits. Click the link in our profile to learn more about the dietary habits and lifestyle of the longest-lived people in the world. . . . . . photo by @joyfulkitchen #bluezones #bluezoneslife #mezze #middleeasternfood #arabicfood #middleeast #mediterraneandiet #mediterraneanfood #meddiet #plantbased #plantslant #plantpowered #eatplants #eatcolorfully #bluezonesliving #mybluezoneslife #hummus #babaganoush

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It’s Easy to Be Happy When You’re Around Happy People

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A strong social network has a powerful impact on your well-being. If your goal is greater happiness, the most important thing you can do is to curate a social network of healthy, happy friends who care about you. When it comes to happiness and friendship, the magic works both ways. It’s easier to be happy when you’re surrounded by happy people—and it’s easier to make friends if you’re happy yourself. (Furry friends count too, of course.) Click the link in the bio to take the True Happiness Test and get your own Happiness Grade. . . . . . Photo by @mahnoosh_tabiat #animallove #lamb #cute #cuteanimals #animalshots #adorableanimal #animalsaddict #sheep #dailyfluff #dailycute #bluezones #livelongerbetter #bluezoneslife #mybluezoneslife

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Friends May Be An Indicator for How Long You’ll Live

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Close friends may be one of the strongest predictors of your overall health and longevity. Okinawan women, on average, live eight years longer than American women. Their moai (circle of close friends) is likely an important component of their long lives. In all five blue zones, social connectedness is ingrained into the culture. While Okinawans have moais, Sardinians meet with friends each evening for happy hours and Adventists host weekly meals with their congregations. By finding the right tribe, you’ll not only add years to your life, but you’ll enjoy your time here just a little more. Tag your moai to send them a hug today! . Click the link in our profile to learn more about the Okinawan tradition of moai. . . . . . #bluezones #bluezoneslife #friends #livelonger #bestfriends #kids #toddlerhugs #hugs #bestfriend #bff #moai #friendship #love #loveeveryone

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Friends—They’re Good for Your Health

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Research shows that your social connections can have long-term impact on your health and happiness. You mimic the habits of your three closest friends. If you share similar values, healthy habits, and life goals, then you’re likely to experience less stress, be happier, and live longer. @drchatterjee interviewed @danbuettner on the Feel Better, Live More podcast where they discussed the healthiest people in the world and the environments that helped health and happiness ensue. Click the link in our profile to listen to the full episode. . . . . #bluezones #secrettolonglife #secrettohappiness #bluezonesofhappiness #happiness #bluezoneslife #mybluezoneslife #bluezonesliving #livelongerbetter #friends #healthylife

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