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18 Foodie Gifts You’ve Never Seen Before


These gifts are perfect for the foodie in your life—or anyone looking for some unique gifts inspired by the healthiest populations on earth (blue zones cultures)!

Shop Local, Shop Small

For every $100 you spend at locally owned businesses, $68 will stay in your community, while only $43 stays in the community when you shop at national chains.  Many of the items below support small businesses, but if there are local gift shops and restaurants in your area, you can feel good about making a personal investment in your neighborhood and community.

Gift Cards From Local Healthy Restaurants

Restaurants, particularly small, family-owned, local spots have had an extremely hard year. Support local and treat your loved ones to a night-in (or a future night out!).


Nut and Fruit Gift that Turns Into Fruit Basket

This unique gift basket is packed with healthy snacks for family, friends, or coworkers who love to snack the blue zones way. It includes an assortment of delicious dried fruits and several varieties of nuts, including pecans, walnuts, cashews, almonds, and more!


Blooming Teapot

Teas are a ritual in blue zones regions, and herbal teas are especially enjoyed in Ikaria, Greece. This beautiful set is a showstopper and comes with some blooming flower teas and a heater. You can also get just the individual teapot.

You can also use this beautiful teapot to make loose-leaf or bagged teas like our Lippia Alba & Hibiscus Tea. The essential oil of lemon verbena contains antioxidant compounds, used in supplements in pill form in the U.S., or the leaves can be dried and steeped for use in herbal teas to control appetite to aid in weight loss. Our Blue Zones Nicoya Lippia Alba and Hibiscus Tea is an excellent natural diuretic that combines the expectorant and antimicrobial properties of lemon verbena with the high antioxidant content of hibiscus.


Aqua Sprouts Garden

A low-maintenance mini indoor garden for herbs and other plants that also doubles as a home for some new little swimming friends. 



Raw Bee Honey

Raw honey is a delicious natural sweetener with a greater sweetening power than regular, processed cane sugar. Blue Zones Nicoya’s raw honey is 100% pure and made by wild bees, resulting in better body, color, and flavor in this honey. It is also produced in Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, where the bees help pollinate 70,000 hectares of the last Tropical Dry Forest Conservation Area in America. This gift both tastes great and gives back!



Shiitake Mushroom Log

Mushrooms are a common ingredient in the blue zones, and research shows their health benefits


Blue Zones Meal Planner

Give the gift of better health with a year-long subscription to the Blue Zones Meal Planner. With thousands of recipes, personalized recommendations, and integrated grocery delivery, the Blue Zones Meal Planner is a great gift for anyone on your list.


Killer Hot Sauce Gift Set

Our Blue Zones sauces are made with several different chili peppers, from the well-known cayenne in our Nalga de Perro Hot Sauce to Costa Rica’s native Congo pepper in our Conbirra Hot Sauce. All of the sauces are 100% natural, gluten-free, and contain no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or added sugars.


Divided Skillet for One-Pan Meals

This unique skillet allows you to use just one pan to cook a full, balanced meal. It has five compartments that can be used to cook beans, veggies, rice, potatoes, and more! Try it out with your favorite Blue Zones recipe.


Maya Nut and Cinnamon Tea

This comforting blend features Maya Nut, a traditional Mayan superfood, with comforting chocolate hints. Cinnamon also lends its familiar aromatic, sweet spiciness to this herbal tea for a soothing, delicious flavor like a mild chai–the perfect drink for a crisp fall or winter morning.



Air Hockey Salt and Pepper Shakers

Keep your favorite meals fun and seasoned to perfection with these air hockey salt and pepper shakers made from food safe and BPA free plastic. The set even includes a puck.


Coffee and Maya Nut Morning Brew

Coffee is a daily ritual in the blue zones hotspots. Most centenarians in blue zones regions drink up to two or three cups of black coffee per day. The American Heart Association found that consuming coffee, both caffeinated and decaf, was associated with a lower risk of total mortality. This specific low-caffeine blend is vegan, gluten free, sugar free, and features the Maya Nut–known for its warm, toasty flavor.





Blue Zones Kitchen and Blue Zones American Kitchen

The Blue Zones Kitchen broke the mold on cookbooks: it fuses scientific reporting, National Geographic photography, and 100 delicious traditional recipes that may help you live to 100. It’s part coffee table book, part travel book, part National Geographic story, and part cookbook that’s still functional enough for everyday kitchen use. Followed up by The Blue Zones American Kitchen, this next revolutionary cookbook uncovers the traditional roots of plant-forward cuisine in the United States. Both are ideal additions to every cook’s collection.



Snowglobe Salt and Pepper Shakers

These adorable snow globe salt and pepper shakers are great for spicing up your food and your kitchen!

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