The Lost American Diet


Dan Buettner, Blue Zones Founder, New York Times bestselling author, and National Geographic Fellow talks to Rich Roll about The Blue Zones American Kitchen: “A must-read primer on healthy living, it’s a cookbook meets road trip in which he excavates the history of American cuisine and food culture and unearths the original, indigenous American diet, which, let’s just say, is very Blue Zones.”

They discuss the new cookbook, the history of plant-forward cuisine in the US, how these diets can alleviate obesity, heart disease, and more. Watch the interview below or listen to the podcast version with Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

750,000 Americans will die prematurely this year because of their diet. – @thedanbuettner Click To Tweet

Dan describes the new cookbook as an “effusion between science writing where you unpack an idea and a National Geographic magazine.” While on the road with photographer David McLain, they collected and documented 100 recipes from around America that bring this way of eating, essentially the lost American diet of longevity, to life.

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