10 Funny & Quirky Gifts to Make Your Loved Ones Laugh


Science has proven that laughter is good for your health, and what better way to humor your loved ones this holiday season than to give the gift of comic relief? After searching high and low on for ideas, we’ve curated this selection of funny presents to leave your moai in stitches and tickle you red and green.

Tortilla Throw Blanket

$15 on Amazon

This comfortable throw blanket is made of fleece, and not only is it shaped like a giant flour tortilla—it looks like one too. A soft and cozy blanket large enough to cover several people, it’s the perfect excuse to cuddle up with your loved ones when you have lots to taco ‘bout, or you simply want to wrap up while watching a good movie.

Face Planter

$10 on Amazon

Gardening is a popular blue zones activity, and this planter pot makes for the perfect gift for the green thumbs in your family. The ceramic pot holds small house plants, allowing owners to give their flowery friends a cute home with personality. With built-in nose and ears, users can also rest their glasses on the planter pot too. Additionally, users can draw on it for fun.

Yoga Joes

$25 on Amazon

Move over, G.I. Joe. These non-violent soldiers have found their zen, and they’re reporting for duty to stretch it out on the yoga mat (or “brogamat”). These Yoga Joes aren’t just for kids—adults will get a kick out of them, too.

Vampire Garlic Crusher

$18 on Amazon

Gift the cook in your family this kitchen gadget that ‘mince’ a lot and crushes garlic with ease. This “fangcy” gift minces garlic, herbs, and spices so that you don’t have to do it the old-fashioned way. It’s also BPA-free and has a built-in manual press peeler.

Acrobat Bookends

$20 on Amazon

Crafted with precision from the highest quality zinc alloy and heavy-duty steel, these bookends boast an electroplated surface for an elegant gold finish. Specifically designed for heavy books, they offer durability and strength, effortlessly supporting your favorite reads and reminding you to move your body.

Otamatone Japanese Electronic Musical Instrument

$38 on Amazon

Perfect for kids, teens, and adults alike, the Otamatone is a fun and easy-to-play instrument that adds a silly twist to the world of music. Elevate your gift-giving game with this universally loved musical gem that promises not only entertainment but also a whole new way to express yourself through sound.

Desktop Boxing

$10 on Amazon

Crafted for both boxing enthusiasts and desk jockeys alike, this compact kit provides a unique outlet for downshifting without the need to vent frustrations on coworkers. The set includes a mini desktop punching bag equipped with a reliable suction cup base, ensuring stability during those intense finger jabs and hooks.

Buddy Dog Kitchen Spoon Holder

$15 at Everything Kitchens

Ideal for new homes, housewarming gifts, or anyone who appreciates funny kitchen gadgets, Buddy is a ‘paw-some’ cooking spoon rest for the kitchen counter. With Buddy by your side, cooking and clean-up is a delightful experience.

Bread Slippers

$14 on Amazon

Has your loved one been swept up by the sourdough trend? Designed with a playful twist, these slippers feature a unique bread design inspired by the beloved baguette, bringing a touch of culinary charm to your feet. Crafted for comfort and style, these slippers are not only a treat for your toes but also a conversation starter. So, whether you’re treating yourself or surprising a loved one, these house slippers promise not only warmth but also a dash of fun that will surely bring joy to your families and friends.

Peas in a Pod Salt and Pepper Shakers

$17 on Amazon

This charming set includes two magnetic pea shakers and one magnetic pod holder, all crafted from high-quality glazed and hand-painted ceramic. The figural housewares are not only eye-catching but also serve as functional seasoning dispensers.

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