Top 14 Articles, Stories, and Posts of 2023: Singapore, SuperAgers, Blue Zones Diet, and Nagomi


This round-up of our most-read and most-shared articles, stories, and posts of 2023 incorporates common themes of Singapore (the sixth blue zones region), SuperAgers, eating for longevity, and caring for mind and body alike.

Blue Zones Diet: Food Secrets of the World’s Longest-Lived People

Combined with seasonal fruits and vegetables, whole grains and beans dominate Blue Zones diets and meals all year long. Click To Tweet

Fasting for Health and Longevity: Nobel Prize Winning Research on Cell Aging

Fasting activates autophagy, which helps slow down the aging process and has a positive impact on cell renewal. Click To Tweet

6 Ways to Improve Gut Health

Whole, fresh vegetables, beans and legumes, and a variety of fresh fruits serve as nutrition for the bacteria in our gut. Click To Tweet

6 Lessons from Singapore, the World’s Newest Blue Zones Region

Take time to know your values and let them guide you in choosing a place to live, a social network, and a job. Click To Tweet

Moai: This Tradition is Why Okinawan People Live Longer, Better

Today the idea has expanded to become more of a social support network, a cultural tradition for built-in companionship. Click To Tweet

New Study Provides Clues on How SuperAgers Maintain Better Brain Health and Mental Sharpness

SuperAgers are a special cohort of individuals—aged 80 and older—who possess extraordinary cognitive capabilities that outperform normal aging brains. Click To Tweet

Best Breakfast Ideas for Eating Breakfast Like a King

Mornings can be hectic, but science has proven the importance of breakfast time and time again. Click To Tweet

The Original Blue Zones ExplorationsThe Most Important Ingredient in a Longevity Diet

My pitch is simple: These are real human beings who've been around for hundreds or thousands of years and this is the way they eat. We know that they're making it to ages 90 and 100 without disease—why not follow them? Click To Tweet

The Truth About Lectins: Why Beans Have Gotten a Bad Rap

Hailing from all parts of the globe, the healthiest people in the world share a common pantry staple—beans. Click To Tweet

What is Nagomi? (And How it Can Help You Live a Happier, Healthier, More Balanced Life)

This secret does not depend on one magic potion, but rather is the result of a holistic attitude toward life; and at the center of it all, you will find nagomi. Click To Tweet

The Surprising Link Between Hydration and the Aging Process

Easy: Clean water is the best longevity beverage on earth. Click To Tweet

25 Festive Blue Zones-Inspired Holiday Recipes

Tis’ the season to bask in so many of the lessons culled from the blue zones regions including spending time with family and friends, downshifting (unwinding), cultivating joy, and gathering around the table... Click To Tweet


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