Can You Naturally Reduce Wrinkles with Food?


Glowing, clear, and beautiful skin starts with what we eat. Skin is our largest organ, and its appearance is both a reflection of what we put onto our skin, as well as into our bodies. Recent nutrition studies have shown that eating foods rich in nutrients that support skin health–including antioxidants, vitamins, and microminerals–can improve skin structure and moisture, and protect against sun damage. As we age, a healthy diet can also naturally lessen the production and severity of wrinkles.

The NutritionFacts video below outlines the current research on what to eat to naturally protect against wrinkles with food. We’ve also summarized the video below.

Studies show that healthy diets are associated with less facial wrinkles:

  • Diets with high fruit intake are associated with fewer wrinkles.
  • Diets comprised predominantly of meat and junk foods are associated with more wrinkles.
  • Yellow vegetables and soy can be particularly protective against wrinkles.
  • High intake of vegetables, beans, and olive oil can be protective against instances of pre-cancerous sun damage, while high intake of meat and dairy products produces adverse effects.
  • Daily almond consumption may reduce wrinkle severity.

Healthy diets may contribute to wrinkle reduction due to several factors, including the presence of antioxidants, the anti-inflammatory properties of healthy foods, and higher concentrations of nutrients that protect against sun damage and improve collagen production. All told, a healthy, nutritious diet is not just a way to naturally prevent chronic disease, but also a way to prevent the impacts of aging on our skin.



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