About Blue Zones®

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Our Mission:

Inspired by the world’s longest-lived cultures, we help people live longer, better lives by improving their environment.

What We Do

Our work is rooted in The New York Times best-selling books “The Blue Zones,” “The Blue Zones Solution,” and “Thrive” – published by National Geographic books. We are now applying the tenets of “The Blue Zones” in 29 Blue Zones Project® cities throughout the U.S., significantly improving health and lowering healthcare costs. We use an innovative, systematic, environmental approach to well-being that optimizes policy, urban and building design and social networks. Our work has been featured in media from Oprah to NPR.

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Our Values:

  • We believe that a plant-based diet leads to a longer, healthier life.
  • We believe that routine natural movement throughout the day contributes to longevity.
  • We believe that relationships with family, friends and people of faith lengthens lifespans.
  • We believe that a strong sense of purpose in life leads to longevity.

Our History

Adventurer and author Dan Buettner is an explorer, at one time circling the globe on his bicycle to earn three Guinness Book of World Records.

But for Dan, trekking continents is about mysteries, not miles. And it was a mystery in Japan that became the seed from which Dan’s best-selling Blue Zones books would grow: What are the secrets of the world’s longest-living people?

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Who We Are

We live and breathe the Blue Zones mission – we even have treadmill desks and an office trampoline.

Our Organization