Dan Buettner, Jr., JD


  • International Speaker
  • Firefighter
  • Experienced in commercial real estate for a global consulting firm 

Advancing return-on-wellness (RoW) solutions for Blue Zones Projects and Blue Zones Brands Real Estate.

Danny Buettner, son of Blue Zones author and founder Dan Buettner, is currently a Blue Zones Executive Vice President & Chief Development Officer. Aside from the other Dan Buettner, Danny is the perfect expert to showcase the nine common diet and lifestyle habits that connect the blue zones together in longevity and health. These nine habits could add 12 years of quality life to the average American, all through a science-backed blueprint. As the Blue Zones Project expert, Danny works directly with communities who want to bring the life-changing benefits of a Blue Zones program to their people and places.

Prior to joining Blue Zones, Danny spent 10 years with a global consulting firm for which he led a team of commercial real estate experts in advising 100 companies a year on enterprise solutions. In addition to consulting, Danny previously served 10 years as a Firefighter/EMT in both city and the wildland environments. Danny has honed his message from extended service trips around the world, including two blue zones (Ikaria and Nicoya), post-earthquake Haiti (trauma center), and post-civil war Guatemala (orphanage).

Danny’s unique perspective on the Blue Zones message is perfect for community champions looking for an emphasis on the ROI of sustainable operating models, inspiring local awareness, and unlocking the power of courageous service.

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