Steve Samples


  • CPA by training
  • 40 years of health care experience
  • Analyzed well-being, health, and claims data for hundreds of organizations
  • Created numerous models to analyze and present value projections, costs, and outcomes
  • Former SVP at Healthways, Inc. leading its Financial Operations Group

Meticulous and experienced CPA and financial analyst, projecting costs, values, and outcomes for hundreds of health and well-being organizations.

Steve was a Senior Auditor with the firm currently known as KPMG and performed financial audits of several large healthcare organizations including Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, TN. Steve also served as the Finance Manager for a private healthcare conglomerate Health Group, Inc. which owned and operated over 20 acute care facilities, over 10 psychiatric facilities, and over 40 nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities.

Steve worked at Healthways, Inc. for over 30 years and was responsible for the creation and maintenance of its value propositions, defined as the cost of delivering a service, the value of that service to the client, and the endpoint outcomes of those services. This included the creation of the operating models for the company’s products and services, and for the value measurement models to help translate to its customers the change in health care cost and other value that the company’s services helped create. He has worked with numerous benefit consultants and research groups in the process of evolving those value propositions. His responsibilities included work in the sales function for modeling potential value to clients and supporting those calculations in the sales meetings, to the actual measurement of outcomes and reporting those results to the clients.

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