Jacob Glover


Jake has spent the last decade in leadership positions at both the policy and delivery level of the healthcare marketplace. As Executive Director of Health and Wellness Initiatives at America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), Jake was responsible for working with member health plans from a policy and product perspective to improve health care quality. Since AHIP, Jake has worked with The Biggest Loser brand as head of product and healthcare strategy for The Biggest Loser Resort. In this role, Jake worked with world-class hospitality and tourism brands in partnership with managed care organizations to create progressive benefit design strategies for the clinically obese. Additionally, Jake has primary or secondary contributing author credits in 14 state and federally funded grant programs focused on the use of technology in physical education settings for objective measures of physical activity and modernization of grading rubrics associated with student performance. Jake’s work in federally funded grant programs was featured in a TEDx talk titled: Reinventing Physical Education.

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