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Activate Marshall County, Indiana

We are taking part in the global movement that has improved health and well-being for entire communities, cities, and towns. This new way of thinking and working will enhance the places we live, work, learn, and play.


The Marshall County Crossroads Team and local leaders are working with Blue Zones to begin a community assessment in Marshall County that would determine how to make it a healthier place to live, work, grow up, and grow old.



Blue Zones is the proven innovator for improving the well-being of large populations, with remarkable success in cities, businesses, and states across America.

Blue Zones global experts are performing a Readiness Assessment, a structured exploration of Marshall County. They are working with our local community leaders and organizations to learn and assess the state of our well-being. Becoming a Blue Zones Community is a three-phase process, and the Readiness Assessment is the first step.




Marshall County Community Kickoff Event

Join us on June 22nd for the Activate Marshall County Community Event to hear from the Blue Zones team of national experts as they begin their assessment of our community. Inspired by the world’s longest-lived cultures, Blue Zones helps communities live better longer by improving their environment. Becoming a Blue Zones Community begins with the Readiness Assessment, which will start in June. With our help, Blue Zones will conduct a structured exploration of our community to build a plan for change.

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Blue Zones experts will collaborate with leaders to assess readiness and build a plan for change. During this period we will: Educate and mobilize local leaders and residents, evaluate the community’s current state of well-being, identify the highest priority strengths, challenges and opportunities, and produce and present a plan for community transformation.

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Blue Zones engages individual community members through online health and well-being assessments, the True Vitality® Test and True Happiness® Test, and an interactive Blue Zones® Life Challenge. All are available for free to all community members as part of the program. These customized online tools are designed to help raise individual awareness surrounding personal health and well-being, with the goal of increasing overall life expectancy.

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The Blue Zones Activate team is comprised of a range of inspirational, innovative community transformation and well-being experts.

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“In an age when poor health seems so intractable, you’ve taken this community from a place of resignation to a place of hope.”

Dr. Vivek Murthy

Former U.S. Surgeon General after his orientation to the Blue Zones work in the Beach Cities, California

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Join the movement that will make healthy choices easier in Marshall County. Together, we can make our community a healthier, happier place to live, work, and play.

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Using evidence-based lessons of longevity from the blue zones, we optimize the Life Radius, where we live, work, learn, and play.


Life Radius

Blue Zones Activate focuses on optimizing the Life Radius or the area close to home where we spend 90 percent of our lives.

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Residents of the original blue zones regions live in very different parts of the world. Yet they have nine commonalities that lead to longer, healthier lives.

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