Blue Zones Riverside Experts

Learn more about our wide range of inspirational, innovative community transformation experts.

Maggi Adamek, PhD

Food Environment

Nadja Berneche

Food Environment

Nick Buettner

Vice President of Community Engagement

Amelia Clabots

Vice President of Finance and Operations

Greg Damron

Tobacco Policy

Fabian De La Espriella

Built Environment

Robyn Fulwider

Account Executive

Oliver Hayden

Built Environment

Naomi Imatome-Yun

Media & Engagement

Aislinn Kotifani

Media & Engagement

Malisa Mccreedy

Built Environment

Claudia Moralez

Food Environment

Sharon O'Hara

Alcohol Policy

Lynn Richards

Policy Services

Shelly Trumbo

Chief Transformations Officer

Lisle Wescott

Director of Accounts