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October 18 – November 14

The Blue Zones Challenge at Adventist Health

It feels like the biggest challenge these days is to find time for yourself, your family, and your friends. The Blue Zones Challenge at Adventist Health was created with that in mind. It’s your chance to recharge, reboot, and reconnect—to prioritize your well-being for a change. It’s based on the science of the Blue Zones, remarkable areas of the world where people live simpler but also longer, healthier, happier lives. So grab a friend and give it a try! The 4-week program is free and Adventist Health associates will be the first in the world to take part in The Blue Zones Challenge. The fun begins Monday, October 18.

Adventist Health executive leaders will also be participating in The Blue Zones Challenge, and national media will be following the story as our whole community comes together!

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What’s Included

  • Learn the health and happiness secrets of the world’s longest-living people
  • Set up your surroundings so that the Blue Zones healthy choice is the easy choice
  • Complete simple daily challenges that will advance your journey to improved well-being
  • Boost your energy, eat healthier, sleep deeper, and feel better and better every day
  • Add 10 to 12 years to your life!
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All Adventist Health participants will get a free copy of The Blue Zones Challenge book, coming in December.

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The Blue Zones Challenge is open to Adventist Health associates.

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