Dan Buettner

Blue Zones Founder

Cooking Tips for Eating to 100

By January 5, 2023

Excerpt adapted from The Blue Zones Kitchen by Dan Buettner, which captures the way of eating that yielded the statistically longest-lived people and explains, in some detail, why that food has enabled populations to elude the chronic disease scourge that has befallen Americans.    The longevity phenomenon is disappearing in blue zones, but its secrets survive—mostly in the kitchens of older people. People who’ve grown up eating the foods of their ancestors aren’t looking to trade them in for packaged junk. Older people who possess the skills, recipes, and culinary wisdom of previous generations carry forth a tradition that is…

The True First Thanksgiving

By November 14, 2022

Dan Buettner, Blue Zones founder, National Geographic explorer and fellow, New York Times bestselling author Excerpt adapted from Blue Zones American Kitchen by Dan Buettner, which uncovers the traditional roots of plant-forward cuisine in the United States and celebrates the chef and cooks who’ve passed recipes from generation to generation across the regions and cultures that have shaped America’s healthiest food landscapes. In late fall 1620, 102 sea-weary Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock, mostly sick and suffering from malnutrition. After 55 days surviving on rations of dried meat, hard biscuits, and beer, they reached a cold, strange world where they had little…

How to Make Friends as an Adult 

By November 30, 2021

Excerpt adapted from The Blue Zones Challenge by Dan Buettner a four-week guide and year-long sustainability program to jump-start your journey to better health, happiness, less stress, and a longer life.   Just like with dating, making friends as an adult means putting yourself out there. A recent study found that most adults hadn’t added to their social circle in five years. So you actually have to get out of the house, and then also ask people out (as friends).  Think about the things you like about yourself and the things that you want to do more of. You want to make…

The 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution is a Guide to Preventing and Reversing Mental Decline

By March 24, 2021

Drs. Dean and Ayesha Sherzai are arguably the best Alzheimer’s researchers in America. Instead of looking for a cure, which is a long way off and doesn’t really solve the problem of chronic disease in our country, they have developed a plan that will really work to help prevent up to 90 percent of all dementia cases. That’s right, up to 90 percent. In their new book The 30-Day Alzheimer’s Solution: The Definitive Food and Lifestyle Guide to Preventing Cognitive Decline, they articulate how eating a Blue Zones Diet, having a sense of purpose, shedding stress, and getting a good…

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