Johnaé De Felicis

How Saying “No” Can Improve Friendships, Work, Happiness & Health

By January 20, 2023

Saying no can improve our friendships, work, happiness, and health. It allows us to choose where we put our time and energy and focus on giving it to parts of our life or the relationships that are most important. A lot of people are afraid of the word “no,” according to mental health experts. “Boundaries are essential to happiness. They set the expectation of what we will and will not accept. Saying ‘no’ is our way of telling ourselves and others that our desires are important,” says clinical psychologist Dr. Brianna Gaynor, Psy.D. “Many people often have difficulty saying…

10 Highly-Rated Gifts to Laugh, Come Together, and Connect More

By December 16, 2022

Family-oriented presents provide a great excuse for loved ones to bond together. If you need gift ideas for your folks this year, take a look at these thoughtful picks that everyone can enjoy. This is a non-sponsored gift guide.  PANDO This trivia party game features hundreds of questions centered around your personal life, which offer limitless conversation starters for social gatherings. A family-friendly game for teens and adults, it creates space for lighthearted dialogue to get to know more about your people. Customer review: “I brought this game on a trip with people I’ve known for years (one my…

The Link Between Sunlight and Better Sleep

By November 29, 2022

Sunlight and time outdoors can powerfully impact your overall well-being. Light’s range of health benefits includes positive effects on mood, alertness, and sleep quality. That’s what makes outdoor activities the perfect start to one’s morning. They get your blood pumping, oxygen flowing, and energy going early in the day. With the benefits of sunshine in mind, hiking, biking, bird watching, and other outdoor activities are optimal for mental and physical health. At no surprise, studies show that there are far more advantages to healthy sunlight exposure than disadvantages of people spending too much time outside. This has a lot…

How to Fredagsmys Like a Swede

By November 18, 2022

The Swedish work ethic is one like no other. Swedes take their jobs very seriously. It’s not in their nature to dilly-dally around on the clock. Instead, they reserve playtime for Friday evenings. After a hard week’s work, it’s Swedish tradition to unwind at home every Friday night. Swedes call it “fredagsmys,” which means “Friday cosiness.” They use this time to relax with family and friends. A typical fredagsmys includes games, TV time, and plenty of snacks and tacos to stuff your bellies. Sound familiar? You’re not having déjà vu. Other European countries have similar concepts, like Norway with…

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