Johnaé De Felicis

What is a Walking Moai? (And How it Can Improve Your Health, Your Social Life, and Your Productivity)

By June 9, 2023

Have you ever considered recruiting a walking buddy (or a few) to keep you accountable with your movement regimen? Or complete each journey with a great conversation to make it more entertaining? Introducing Walking Moais. A Walking Moai comprises a group of 5-8 individuals who agree to meet weekly–for ten weeks–to walk and socialize. The “moai” concept originates from the blue zones region of Okinawa, Japan. The term means “meeting for a common purpose,” which is most likely for shared hobbies or interests. Roughly half of Okinawans belong to a moai, where each member commits to supporting each other….

Four-Day Workweeks Make People Happier, More Productive, Study Shows

By April 7, 2023

[Editor’s Note: We know from our research on the happiest people in the world that they tend to work fewer than 40 hours per week. They tend to show up at their jobs, get their work done, and go home as soon as they can. Since they work an average of about 37 or fewer hours a week, it leaves them time to participate in club activities, cook with their families, exercise, or do other things more gratifying than just doing more work.] The verdict is in on the world’s largest four-day workweek trial. Unsurprisingly, the global pilot program…

Sleeping Less Than 5 Hours Per Night Could Increase Your Risk of Chronic Disease, Study Shows

By March 17, 2023

There’s a scientifically proven relationship between lack of sleep and the occurrence of chronic disease. Lack of proper sleep can increase your risk of you getting a chronic disease. Check available research out there and you’ll see for yourself.  Prioritizing sleep is nothing new to centenarians in blue zones regions. As the world’s longest-living population, centenarians are adamant about getting adequate sleep every day, which is aligned with their slower pace of living. A hurried life is a recipe for stress and chronic disease. For centenarians, slow living—with plenty of rest and activities to support reducing stress—prolongs their longevity. …

How Saying “No” Can Improve Friendships, Work, Happiness & Health

By January 20, 2023

Saying no can improve our friendships, work, happiness, and health. It allows us to choose where we put our time and energy and focus on giving it to parts of our life or the relationships that are most important. A lot of people are afraid of the word “no,” according to mental health experts. “Boundaries are essential to happiness. They set the expectation of what we will and will not accept. Saying ‘no’ is our way of telling ourselves and others that our desires are important,” says clinical psychologist Dr. Brianna Gaynor, Psy.D. “Many people often have difficulty saying…

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