Lisa Monroe

Why Outdoor Workouts May Be Better for You

By October 18, 2021

“Green exercise” has become very popular in the past year. Basically, it’s any form of exercise performed outdoors – often with a group – while enjoying the natural scenery. From yoga sessions on the beach to pop-up tai chi classes in the town park, many localities and fitness centers around the country have moved exercise classes outdoors in the past year to promote social distancing and limit exposure to COVID-19. Green exercise surged during the pandemic and the trend may permanently change the way we work out – even if exercising outdoors is not actually a new concept. Just…

Transform Your Kitchen into a Gathering Place for Friends & Family

By September 27, 2021

Sure the kitchen is where you cook, but it can also be the heart of your home where you gather with family to share stories from the day and where you welcome and share meals, recipes, and good times with friends.  Many of the Blue Zones Power 9® principles – developed by studying common practices in the original blue zones where people live the longest – can be incorporated into your kitchen routine. These include the principle of spending time with your Right Tribe and putting Loved Ones First. Research has shown us that the world’s longest-lived peoples either…

Honey—A Sweet Secret to Longevity

By September 9, 2021

Honey isn’t just sweet and tasty. It’s been used for centuries in traditional medicine for its antioxidants and its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Honey is produced everywhere honey bees are found and is consumed in all parts of the world. In Ikaria, Greece, one of the original blue zones that are home to the world’s longest-living people, many older residents eat honey at least twice a day. They stir it into their coffee in the morning and prior to dinner. Ikarians also use honey to treat everything from the common cold to minor wounds.  According to the Mayo Clinic,…

After Losing 100+ Pounds, Grocery Store Owner Promotes Healthier Options

By November 16, 2020

Immokalee is an area where healthy food options are limited — sometimes called a food desert or food swamp­— in Collier County, Florida. LeGrand Caribbean Market is an oasis in that desert, at least for the large migrant population that shops there. They are people who work long hours, live in shared housing without their own kitchens, and speak as many as nine different languages — including Spanish and Haitian Creole. Franck LeGrand Jr. speaks all of them. LeGrand runs the food market that his late father ran before him, in part because he knows the community relies on…

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