Sophia Piña-McMahon

Can You Naturally Reduce Wrinkles with Food?

By February 27, 2024

Glowing, clear, and beautiful skin starts with what we eat. Skin is our largest organ, and its appearance is both a reflection of what we put onto our skin, as well as into our bodies. Recent nutrition studies have shown that eating foods rich in nutrients that support skin health–including antioxidants, vitamins, and microminerals–can improve skin structure and moisture, and protect against sun damage. As we age, a healthy diet can also naturally lessen the production and severity of wrinkles. The NutritionFacts video below outlines the current research on what to eat to naturally protect against wrinkles with food….

11 Stress-Busting Gifts for Bringing Nature’s Calm Inside

By December 15, 2023

One of the easiest science-backed methods for reducing stress and boosting mood is to spend more time in nature. Whether that be in a forest, park, or garden, a growing body of evidence suggests that engaging with nature provides a host of mental health and well-being benefits, including mitigation of anxiety and depression, improved sleep quality, increased happiness, and improved concentration. The effects are so well documented that health care facilities now often incorporate green spaces and gardens into their designs, and some doctors are even prescribing walks in the park to patients alongside conventional treatments. Nature-based therapy has…

11 Top-Rated Experience Gifts for Connecting with Loved Ones Off-Screen

By November 15, 2023

Research has shown that social connections, whether they be with family or with friends, can have a number of benefits for one’s physical and mental health. People with strong social ties experience reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, and cognitive decline, as well as improved immune function, reduced stress and anxiety, and increased happiness and well-being. Social connection is also a common theme across the blue zones cultures. By contrast, in the fast-paced lives of many Americans, it is growing ever easier to let televisions and “busyness” get in the way of spending quality time with loved ones. These…