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Blue Zones Project Brevard Awarded a $12,000 Grant to Enhance Community Gardens

By September 22, 2022

The Blue Zones Project community of Brevard, N.C., recently won a $12,000 grant to enhance its community garden. The grant, awarded by AARP North Carolina, was one of four winning projects in the state, according to the AARP. Funds will be used to build ten accessible raised-bed garden plots to an existing community garden in Brevard’s historically black community. The raised beds are designed to be easier to use for people over 50 and young children. [Watch the AARP 2022 Community Challenge Winner Video] The planned improvements also include new benches for the garden and a nearby skatepark, which…

Okinawan Cuisine: How Sweet Potatoes Came to Be a Staple Food for Centenarians

By August 9, 2022

The Japanese sweet potato, also called imo, is a cornerstone of the traditional Okinawan diet, a cuisine synonymous with good health and longevity. Yet this blue zones star ingredient became the starch of choice in this island chain not because it’s nutrient-dense or rich in antioxidants, but mostly by necessity. Okinawa’s subtropical islands are regularly battered by powerful seasonal storms. Rice, a Japanese cuisine staple, simply did not grow well on the island. By the 1600s, islanders turned instead to growing sweet potatoes, which they imported from China. Other practical concerns of island life in Okinawa helped strengthen the…

Don’t Eat Enough Whole Grains? This is One Everyone Loves

By July 14, 2022

If you’re having a hard time getting enough whole grains into your diet, corn might be the easy fix you need. Both a vegetable and a whole grain, corn has been unfairly dismissed in recent decades as little more than a vehicle for butter and salt, and a source of starchy, empty calories. The skepticism comes in part from negative health outcomes associated with high-fructose corn syrup, a ubiquitous ingredient in processed foods. But fresh corn—and popcorn, too—can play a key role in a healthy diet, supplying you with fiber, plenty of vitamins and minerals, and phytochemicals that can…

Super Bowls: Why This Healthier Food Trend is Here to Stay

By February 25, 2022

Bowls are big. And they’re everywhere. Burrito bowls, noodle bowls, and salad bowls. Grain bowls slathered with spreads, topped with beans, sprinkled with veggies, and splashed with dressing. Smoothie bowls. If you’re looking for an inexpensive lunch or a quick weeknight dinner out, there’s a good chance you’ll head to a fast casual restaurant for a heaping bowl of your favorite fresh stuff, assembled right in front of you. Better still, it’ll be made to your exact specs: You get only the ingredients you like, in the amounts you want–the next best thing to cooking yourself.  The bowl trend…

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