Headshot of Margaret Adamek, PhD

Margaret Adamek, PhD


  • Designed and deployed Minnesota Food Charter
  • Decades of experience working with native nations, new immigrant, and minority populations focused on community health and cultural reclamation
  • Bush Foundation Leadership Fellow

Unrivaled excellence leading large-scale, multi-year change campaigns.

Dr. Margaret Adamek is nationally recognized for her unique, impact-oriented approach to helping people and partnerships create healthy communities. Her longstanding experience with food systems change – from production to consumption – provides clients with clear, strategic counsel and support as they launch initiatives to improve local economies, public health, and agricultural systems.

Maggi designed, managed, and led the execution of the Minnesota Food Charter, a statewide, integrated policy and systems change initiative designed to reduce obesity and diet-related disease across the entire state. She has also conducted numerous assessments, provided coaching and training, and guided implementation of policy and systems change initiatives create healthier food environments at municipal, county, and regional levels. She has developed and executed marketing campaigns for healthy farmer’s markets, strategic planning for many food-focused organizations and initiatives, and research to inform healthy food-related policy change. She frequently serves as a consultant, strategist and trainer for state, federal, and national organizations on how to reduce rates of diet-related chronic disease through innovative policy solutions.

A frequently requested keynote speaker, Adamek’s work has been quoted and featured in the New York Times and Washington Post by Michael Pollan, as a guest on the Thom Hartmann show on Air American Radio, and as a speaker at the national Bioneers Conference. She has also published articles and books for popular and academic audiences, including Alternative Medicine magazine.

Maggi holds a BA degree from Carleton College, a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, and served as a prestigious Bush Foundation Leadership Fellow.

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