Blue Zones Jacksonville Experts

Learn more about our wide range of inspirational, innovative community transformation experts.

Ben Leedle

CEO of Blue Zones

Shelly Trumbo

Well-Being Division Executive

Nadja Berneche

Food Policy

Nick Buettner

Power 9 Places Expert

Dan Burden

Built Environment

Amelia Clabots

VP of Finance & Operations

Joe Daly

Gallup Senior Partner

Mark Fenton

Built Environment

Tricia Gehrlein

Community Improvement

Adrienne Gil

School & Community Health Expert

Lauran Hardin

Community Health & Equity Expert

Naomi Imatome-Yun

Media & Engagement

Tre' McCalister

Worksites Expert

David McLain

National Geographic Photographer

Toben Nelson, PhD

Alcohol Policy

Steve Samples

Finance Expert

Danielle Schaeffner

Built Environment Specialist

Debbie Watkins

Account Executive

Dan Witters

Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Expert

Katrina Worlund

Power 9 Places Expert