Blue Zones Activate

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Transforming America, One Town at a Time

Inspired by the world’s longest-lived cultures, the Blue Zones Project helps communities live better, longer by improving their environment. It all starts with key changes which progress to massive transformation at the people, places and policy levels of a community.

A Partnership and a Pathway

Some communities have the desire and leadership to begin a Blue Zones Project, but lack all of the pieces to begin immediately. Blue Zones ActivateTM aids these communities in advancing the immediate health of its citizens while also laying the groundwork for a full Blue Zones Project in the near future.

Laying the Groundwork for a Culture of Health

Our community-led initiatives are so effective because we create lasting impact by changing the environment in which people live, work, and play. Creating a healthier environment is the foundation to reducing healthcare claims and cost, increasing workforce productivity, and changing the culture of well being in the community.  Changing the environment begins with food policy and built environment policy work, and Blue Zones Activate begins that foundational work immediately.

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“Blue Zones helped our community set amazing, aggressive, and achievable strategies that moved the public health agenda further in ten months than I could have expected in ten years.”

-Lois Ahern, Director of Freeborn County Health during Albert Lea Project

What We Do

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Community Collaboration

Improving the lives of the people starts with the people. The right people. Blue Zones Activate partners our experts with your leaders to build an ecosystem of change influencers that together, can drive this system of change.

Together with community influencers, we help build awareness of the Blue Zones lifestyle, help attract additional resources, and create the groundswell needed to ignite and empower your community towards a Blue Zones Project.

Activate Your Community

Grant and Fundraising Support

Throughout the three-year Blue Zones Activate, Blue Zones provides partnership support for sourcing grants and fundraising that will build capacity for expanding to a future full Blue Zones Project.

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Blue Zones Success

In 2009, Blue Zones worked in partnership with AARP and the United Health Foundation to apply the Power 9 to Albert Lea, MN. After just one year, participants added an estimated 2.9 years to their average lifespan and health care costs dropped by 49 percent.

Blue Zones has partnered with Sharecare to expand our work, and we are now in 42 communities across the United States, impacting millions of people. Our work has occasioned double-digit drops in obesity, smoking and Body Mass Index.

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“In an age when poor health seems so intractable, you’ve taken this community from a place of resignation to a place of hope.”

-Dr. Vivek Murthy, U.S. Surgeon General after his orientation to the Blue Zones Project in the Beach Cities, California


Using secrets discovered in Blue Zones areas—rare longevity hotspots—we help transform communities into areas where the healthy choice is easy.

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The Blue Zones Project®  and Blue Zones Activate focuses on optimizing the “life radius,” or the area close to home where we spend 90 percent of our lives.

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Residents of the original “Blue Zones” regions live in very different parts of the world. Yet they have nine commonalities that lead to longer, healthier lives.

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“… the results are stunning.”

-Dr. Walter C. Willett, Harvard School of Public Health