5. Blue Zones Life:
Week by Week

You get to choose which new activity you will add to your daily well of wellness. Week by week, they add up to building a powerful foundation for health. The four weeks each have a theme. You’ll have three prompts that are required for the week—just choose which days you’d like to add them—and four choose-your-own-adventure prompts you can use to fill in the rest of the week.

Use these printable tracking sheets to keep track of your progress. Hang them up where you can see them—on your mirror, on your fridge, or in your office. Hang multiple copies for more visual reminders.

Some of these activities are “one and done,” and others are those that you should continue to do and integrate into your life.

Detailed Weekly Tracking

Week 1

Eat Wisely

Week 2

Move Naturally

Week 3

Right Tribe

Week 4

Right Outlook


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