Week 4: Right Outlook

Define and refine your purpose. Get in the habit of downshifting with some stress-relieving self-care practices. You’ll even create a “shrine” in your home to your accomplishments to remind yourself of growth and progress.week4bzl

Week 4 Required Activities

1. If you haven’t already, finish your Purpose Statement OR review your Purpose Statement.

2. Eat at least 5 Blue Zones meals / recipes this week.

3. Create a “Pride Shrine” in your house.

From the Blue Zones of Happiness: optimize your home environment to boost your pride, one of the three strands of happiness. A “pride shrine” is a place with family photos, mementos, and objects that display your accomplishments. Every time you walk by, you’ll be rewarded with a surge of pride and a reminder of how you fit into the world.

4. Walk at least once this week with your walking buddy or group.

Week 4 Optional Activities

1. Designate a space in your home for quiet time, meditation, or prayer.

2. Put a post-it on your mirror with the default purpose: GROW & GIVE.

3. Enroll in Automatic Savings or Investment Plans.

4. Get blackout shades or an eye mask to block out light when you sleep. 

5. Try meditation, yoga, or tai-chi.

6. Declutter your house.

7. Arrive to all appointments 15 minutes early.

8. Practice listening to someone with great attention.

9. Spend at least 2 hours in nature.


A Lifestyle, Not a Diet or Exercise Plan

This four week life adjustment is no mere “diet” or “exercise plan” — we want you to start gradually and start incorporating more and more of these Blue Zones principles into your life. Four weeks. And then another four weeks, and another, and you’ll be looking at years of better well-being.

A lot of research says you should only start with one habit a day, but if you’re living the Blue Zones way, then the principles are mutually supportive. Each one is easier to add.

At the end of the four weeks, many positive changes have likely happened. You might feel great, better rested, have maybe lost weight, feel happier, better connected to your friends and family. But even if you have just improved a couple of those areas of your life (and not all), we think you’ll be so happy about the changes that have worked that you will continue on for another four weeks. And another. And so on.



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