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Blue Zones Life

Four weeks to a better, happier, and less-stressed life.

Rooted in our groundbreaking research of the healthiest, longest-lived people on earth, the Blue Zones® Life Challenge is four weeks toward a better you. This is not an elimination diet. This is not a fitness plan. This is a new way to look at your health that will change your life for the better in nearly every way.

Step 1

Blue Zones Life: Why, What, Where, Who, How?

Learn about the research behind the Blue Zones Power 9 and learn about the long-term benefits that a Blue Zones life can help you achieve.

Step One...
Step 2

Blue Zones Life Challenge Guidelines

The Blue Zones Life Challenge gives you actionable and easy-to-follow rules so that you know you are taking your new life into your own hands and making something amazing that will last.

Step Two...
Step 3

Gather Your Support System

Healthy behavior change is a team sport! Gather your personal network and get connected to the Blue Zones community.

Step Three...
Step 4

Commit and Plan

Advice and tips for getting started as you begin your Blue Zones journey.

Step Four...
Step 5

Ready, Set, Go!

An in-depth look at the program, week by week.

Get Started...

WHAT to expect from the Blue Zones Life Challenge

  • Learn to eat the Blue Zones way without dieting

  • Dramatically Decrease Stress

  • Feel and Look Better

  • Increased Energy

  • Get Better Sleep

  • Enjoy Better Relationships

  • Find and Stay at your Ideal Weight

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