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Blue Zones Life

Four weeks to a better, happier, and less-stressed life.

Rooted in our groundbreaking research of the healthiest, longest-lived people on earth, the Blue Zones® Life Plan is four weeks toward a better you. This is not an elimination diet. This is not a fitness plan. This is a new way to look at your health that will change your life for the better in nearly every way. Instead of focusing on behavior change and habit formation, we'll help you improve the places and spaces in which you spend the most time (including your social circle!) to create the Blue Zones Life you want. This 4-week plan was the original impetus that became the Blue Zones Challenge book based on a lot of your feedback.

Step 1

Blue Zones Life: Why, What, Where, Who, How?

Learn about the research behind the Blue Zones Power 9 and learn about the long-term benefits that a Blue Zones life can help you achieve.

Step One...
Step 2

Blue Zones Life Plan Guidelines

The Blue Zones Life Plan gives you actionable and easy-to-follow rules so that you know you are taking your new life into your own hands and making something amazing that will last.

Step Two...
Step 3

Gather Your Support System

Healthy behavior change is a team sport! Gather your personal network and get connected to the Blue Zones community.

Step Three...
Step 4

Commit and Plan

Advice and tips for getting started as you begin your Blue Zones journey.

Step Four...
Step 5

Ready, Set, Go!

An in-depth look at the program, week by week.

Get Started...

WHAT to expect from the Blue Zones Life Plan

  • Learn to eat the Blue Zones way without dieting

  • Dramatically Decrease Stress

  • Feel and Look Better

  • Increased Energy

  • Get Better Sleep

  • Enjoy Better Relationships

  • Find and Stay at your Ideal Weight

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