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Blue Zones Campus

Backed by research of the original blue zones—rare longevity hotspots where people thrive into their 100s—we help communities through a well-being transformation.

The Student Body

We use evidence-based strategies to help students to perform better and to become more productive members of society. In our communities, students have become more engaged and successful in their academic and social lives. Healthier student populations have higher test scores, better attendance rates, and more potential to excel in their communities and in the rest of their lives.

The Physical Environment

The design of our streets, neighborhoods, buildings, and communities has a huge impact on our health and quality of life. Optimizing built environments can increase physical activity levels by 30%. It can also increase social interaction on campus, improve traffic to local businesses in the surrounding area, and create a safer and more beautiful landscape for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Teacher Teaching a Lesson
The Employer

As both worksites and learning institutions, university, college, and educational campuses have an incredible opportunity to create an environment where healthy choices are the easiest for employees to make. This results in healthier, happier employees with higher productivity, job satisfaction, and lower turnover rates and healthcare costs.

“Blue Zones helped our community set amazing, aggressive, and achievable strategies that moved the public health agenda further in ten months than I could have expected in ten years.”

Lois Ahern

Director of Freeborn County Health during Albert Lea Project

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Using evidence-based lessons of longevity from the blue zones, we optimize the Life Radius, where we live, work, learn, and play.

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Using secrets discovered in Blue Zones areas—rare longevity hotspots—we help transform communities into areas where the healthy choice is easy.

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Life Radius

The Blue Zones Project®, Blue Zones Activate™, and Blue Zones Campus™ initiatives focus on optimizing the “life radius,” or the area close to home where we spend 90 percent of our lives.

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Power 9

Residents of the original “Blue Zones” regions live in very different parts of the world. Yet they have nine commonalities that lead to longer, healthier lives.

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About Blue Zones Project

Walking Moais

Blue Zones Project Southwest Florida

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