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The ‘Blue Zones’ Diet Can Help You Live Longer And Be Healthier

Can the Blue Zones Diet help you live longer and be healthier? The Blue Zones diet is not a fad, it’s not restrictive and it doesn’t label foods as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. There are food guidelines that follow a plant-based lifestyle, but it’s sensible, achievable and pared back in the…

Eating These 12 Foods Might Add Years to Your Life

The Blue Zones lifestyle includes natural movement, social connectedness, and familial ties, but above all, the longevity of the Blue Zone populations can be attributed to their food choices. The cultures in the five Blue Zones couldn’t be more different from one another, but their dietary foundations are more or less the…

These cuisines may help you live longer

People in the world’s Blue Zones are living up to 115 years. And they’re doing so by eating right. The Okinawa diet features a lot of vegetables, rice and fish. People in the Nicoya peninsula in Costa Rica eat early and minimally. Their diet includes beans, yams and small portions of meat. Both Ikaria…

These cuisines could help you live longer

The five areas of the world in which people live the longest have many similarities. Ikaria, Sardinia, Okinawa, Loma Linda and Nicoya are rich in beans, fish, wholegrain, vegetables, fruit and fiber. Eat like the Blue Zones residents and you could be on your way to living longer, better. Read Article…

Retiring In These Blue Zones Might Help You Live Longer

The Blue Zones regions of the world might just lead you to longer life. Many of the Blue Zones are in temperate regions, but what makes the biggest impact on longevity is the food they eat. They eat mainly a plant based diet and minimally processed plant foods. Read Article…

TED Radio Hour: The Fountain of Youth

TED Radio Hour shares Dan Buettner’s TED Talk about the world’s Blue Zones, communities whose elders live longer than anyone else on the planet. Can they can help in finding the path to long life and health? Read Article >>

Live Longer, Be Happier, and Optimize Your Environment

Only 20% of your life expectancy is determined by your genes. The other 80% is determined by your lifestyle – it’s in your hands. Under 30 Experiences interviews Tony Buettner on how to optimize your environment to add years to your life. Read Article >>

Where Do People Live The Longest?

Blue Zones studies areas around the world where people live the longest. Breaking down the lifestyle habits of those who live the longest. Read the Article >>