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November 14, 2021
Day 28
Today’s Blue Zones Tip:
Centenarians in the blue zones stay active, find purpose, and maintain a positive outlook by focusing on helping others. You’ve just finished the Challenge, so who can you help today? More bonus points: You’ll help yourself, too!
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Welcome to the Blue Zones Challenge at Adventist Health

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Congratulations on embracing the Blue Zones Challenge! You’re on your way to doing something amazing for yourself: Recharging your well-being and happiness, rebooting your best habits, and learning the secrets of the blue zones—the areas of the world where people live longer, happier, healthier lives.

During the next four weeks, we’ll show you how to get set up for lifelong success. The Blue Zones Challenge is designed to help you make over your environment—home, office, even your social circles. Each aspect of the Blue Zones Challenge is designed to create a lifestyle that supports happiness and a better quality of life.

To get started, download your exclusive Blue Zones Challenge Workbook.

You’ll use the workbook to track your progress through each day of the 28-day Challenge.


As you’ll see in the Challenge workbook, one of the first things we’d like you to do is to watch the seminal TED Talk of Dan Buettner, Blue Zones founder, National Geographic Fellow, and best-selling author of the Blue Zones books. It’s a compelling 20-minute segment that explains the evidence-based science behind why people in the world’s blue zones communities live longer, happier lives.

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Recording your progress and journaling in a workbook may seem old-school and analog, but don’t worry, after the initial survey, you’ll just need a few minutes each day to record your progress. And research shows that jotting down your intentions and accomplishments helps you achieve your short- and long-term goals.

One of the keys to the Challenge is accumulating points for every positive step you take. You’ll use daily scorecards in the workbook to keep score—including the opportunity for you to add weekly bonus points.

Your goal for the 28-day Challenge: 400 Points. You can do this!

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