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The Blue Zones Challenge at Adventist Health
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You’re done with the first four weeks of the rest of your Blue Zones life!

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How did you do? How do you feel? If you were able to top 400 points, add your name to the Blue Zones 400 Club as a Challenge finisher. If you haven’t had a chance yet, be sure to take part 2 of your self-assessment survey to gauge your own progress.

At the end of these first four weeks of discovering the blue zones way of life, you may be noticing some positive changes. Perhaps you are better rested, maybe lost some weight, feel happier, are better connected to your friends and family, or just generally feel better. And don’t worry if you feel like you fell short on some things or didn’t accomplish all of your goals. People in the blue zones are on a lifelong journey, and you’ve just taken your first steps.

So stick with it! Even if you have just improved in a couple of areas, we think you’ll be so happy about the changes that have worked that you will continue on for another month. And another. And so on.

If you signed up for a free copy of The Blue Zones Challenge book, you’ll find a roadmap that can guide you for the rest of your life. Continue using this Blue Zones plan to track your progress and your accomplishments. Check back in often and take stock of where you are.

Congratulations, and thanks for joining us!

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Adventist Health’s Well-Being Division has partnered with Blue Zones Sharecare to provide a well-being platform and app.

Visit to explore additional well-being offerings, create a Sharecare account, take the RealAge well-being assessment, and download the Sharecare app for easy access to wellness tools and resources.

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