Blue Zone Challenge – Week 2

October 25 – October 31
Week 2

Getting Started

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Good luck in Week 2, and be sure to take a few minutes each day to track your score!

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Now that you’ve set up your surroundings for success, you’re ready to start moving more, busting stress, and adding years to your life. You’ll record your progress and track your score—each day this week in your Blue Zones Challenge workbook. And if you get a chance, share your progress on our private Facebook page or check out the stories from other participants.

You can earn points by doing any of dozens of daily activities—from recording your weight (+1) to eating beans (+3) to consuming all your calories in a 10-hour window (+2). In addition, your Blue Zones Challenge workbook includes five bonus activities that can earn you extra points.

And don’t forget to download your Blue Zones Challenge Workbook! There’s a printable version and also an interactive PDF to track progress right in the file.

Ready? Here’s your list of Week 2 activity options:

  • Put your running shoes or bike out where you can see them (and use them!).
  • Start the practice of hara hachi bu—that is, put down your fork when you’re 80 percent full.
  • Eat at least three Blue Zones meals this week—check out some of the great and easy Blue Zones recipes.
  • Get out for a walk with your group or buddy at least once.
  • Take public transportation to work or to do an errand at least once.
  • Host a potluck to try out some new Blue Zones recipes and connect with new friends and loved ones.
  • Suggest a walking meeting at work.
  • Fill your fruit bowl and leave it on your counter to inspire yourself to reach for something tasty and nutritious.
  • Limit your work week to 40 hours.
  • Discover an herbal tea you love—black, green, and herbal tea are enjoyed most among the world’s longest-lived people.
  • Tape a note to your dashboard to remind yourself to take the stairs or park farther from the door.
  • Install a browser extension or free app like StretchClock to remind you to get up during your workday.

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