Blue Zone Challenge – Week 3

Nov 1 – Nov 7
Week 3

Building Your Blue Zones Life

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You can do this, right? Remember, be sure to take a few minutes each day to record your progress in your Blue Zones Challenge workbook.

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Congratulations! You’re halfway through the four-week Blue Zones Challenge. How many points did you accumulate last week? This week, your goal is simple: Exceed your Week 2 points total.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out the Blue Zones Challenge at Adventist Health Facebook group, where you’ll find inspiration from other participants and can share your own stories.

Ready for Week 3? You can do this!Here’s your list of Week 3 activities, and your Blue Zones Challenge workbook includes five bonus activities as well.

Week 3 activity options:

  • Eat at least three Blue Zones meals this week.
  • Join a new social group (church, school club, local organization, team sport)
  • Walk with your Adventist Health buddy or moai group or buddy at least once.
  • Volunteer to be an organ donor (on your driver’s license).
  • Volunteer for a new organization.
  • Call, text, or email one friend or family member you haven’t connected with recently.
  • Plan a vacation or some time off work.
  • Start a meditation practice.
  • Put a lavender plant in your bedroom; the calming smell induces sleep.
  • Write a thank you note—research shows it improves happiness for both the recipient and the sender.
  • Host a healthy potluck.
  • Schedule a weekly get-together with friends (workout session, book club, game night).

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