Original Blue Zones Explorations

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Ikaria, Greece

Travel to this tiny Aegean island to discover the secrets of residents who live eight years longer than Americans, have half the rate of heart disease and almost no dementia.

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Loma Linda, California

Pull off the San Bernardino freeway east of Los Angeles and you’ll encounter a community of Adventists teaching us new lessons about the power of faith, friendship and fruit.

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Sardinia, Italy

Visit this Mediterranean island—home to the greatest concentration of male centenarians in the world—and you’ll discover healthy lifestyles that have not changed much since the time of Christ.

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Okinawa, Japan

Touch down on these South Pacific islands and you’ll meet residents – including the world’s longest-lived women –  eating three foods that could help every American live longer.

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Nicoya, Costa Rica

Grab a bike and pedal along a path on this Pacific coast peninsula and you’ll find colorful houses, exotic fruits and residents twice as likely as Americans to reach a healthy age 90. Is it something in the water?

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