Ikaria Retreat – Fall 2018

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Thea’s Inn Presents:

A 7-Day, 6-Night
Retreat Vacation

September 2018

Prepare for the rustic retreat vacation of a lifetime this September as you explore Ikaria, Greece. Thea’s Inn, where Dan Buettner and his team of researchers stayed for the original explorations, is hosting a 7-day, 6-night retreat inspired by the Power 9®. Practice lifestyle habits and eat like a centenarian, all while taking in the breathtaking views of Nas, Ikaria.


Eat to 100

You’ll cook delicious, plant-slant Ikarian meals that you’ll be able to re-create at home.

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Move Naturally

Hike, forage, and swim, or relax on the beach. The moderate temperature in September is perfect for swimming, the gardens are overflowing, and there are fewer tourists than the peak months.



Feel like you’re part of the community as you connect with fellow travelers and locals. If you are feeling burned out or disconnected, searching for something to improve your life physically, mentally, and emotionally, this adventure is for you.

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Thea Parikos

Thea Parikos is the owner of Thea’s Inn and host of this rustic retreat. Thea is of Ikarian descent born in America and speaks fluent Greek and English. She moved back to Ikaria with her husband Ilias in 1994. Together they teach cooking courses, lead treks on the island, and grow organic vegetables on their farm to use for the inn’s restaurant.

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EXTRA MINUTES | Ikarian cooking lesson with Thea Parikos