Skin Health for Well-Being

Blue Zones is bringing three of Immunocologie’s signature, earth-friendly products to the Blue Zones audience.


Designed for Health and Vitality

Immunocologie’s holistic approach to skin health focuses on supporting the skin’s natural immune system. This unique approach to well-being from the outside in brings the natural goodness of the earth to the skin.

Why Skin?

As the furthest outpost of the body’s nervous system and the immune system’s first line of defense, the skin reflects the body’s stress response. Instead of harsh and aggressive interventions to fight aging skin, like chemical peels and laser resurfacing, Immunocologie’s earth-based products are formulated to honor the skin’s bio-intelligence and support its microbiome. They enable the skin to heal itself from the negative impacts of ultraviolet exposure, environmental toxins, and stress.

Vital Ionic Mist

A refreshing, detoxifying facial spray that restores radiance and skin well-being. This hydrating mist features Immunocologie’s patented French Green Clay water, with 12 essential minerals suspended in ionized water for concentrated benefits. The soothing formula instantly reduces redness while supporting overall skin health.




Vital Clay Mask

This ultra-creamy and luxuriously rich mineral-packed mask is packed with natural goodness that nourishes and purifies the skin. Unlike other clay masks that can leave the skin feeling dry and tight, the Vital Clay Mask adapts to your skin’s unique detox needs and provides deep hydration, purification, and balance.



Lava Mask

This instantly hydrating and brightening sheet mask features Immunocologie’s patented black lava, 12 essential minerals, marine algae, and hibiscus essential oil to instantly reveal radiant skin. Use it to beautifully balance and hydrate your skin in just a few minutes.