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Made To Move Grant Winners

Degree® Deodorant and Blue Zones® are proud to announce the five cities that have been awarded $100,000 each to implement innovative and transformative community projects to help people get moving naturally for generations to come.


Hartford, Connecticut


This project will create the state’s first three bike boulevards. Not only will the bike boulevards provide safe, low-speed facilities comfortable for riders of all ages and abilities, they will also provide traffic calming benefits for adjacent properties and will offer other Connecticut communities a model for transforming their own communities’ infrastructure.

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida


The Fort Lauderdale project will enhance accessibility and connections to the Flagler Greenway in a designated Transportation Equity Zone with bike and micro-mobility parking adding both recreation-based and utilitarian-based transportation opportunities. These changes will transform the infrastructure into a comfortable and inviting experience for all ages, abilities, and modes of transportation.

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Jersey City, New Jersey


Through the construction of a pavement-to-park project, and aligned with the City’s ongoing Vision Zero initiative to eliminate traffic-related death and serious injuries, this proactive community outreach will highlight the importance of active transportation and create long-lasting infrastructural solutions.

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Chattanooga, Tennessee


This grant will address much-needed street modifications focusing on the safe experience of people using and moving through these spaces identified by Chattanooga Design Studio’s recent “Public Realm Action Plan.” The project will seek to demonstrate a holistic understanding of the value of streets as public spaces, ripe for change.
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Richardson, Texas


The Greenville Avenue road diet will remove driving lanes and add bicycle lanes and an at-grade pedestrian crossing to better integrate the light-rail station with the planned Innovation District.

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Made To Move

Communities throughout the United States realize that growing a program in active transportation is an essential way to help all citizens live fuller, healthier, longer lives. The Made To Move grant program from Degree® Deodorant and Blue Zones, LLC, is a competitive funding opportunity created to assist communities in advancing active transportation through local project development, implementation and supporting policies. With the ultimate goal of promoting more walkable, bikeable, transit-friendly environments for all ages, incomes and abilities, this funding opportunity has been awarded to five mid-sized communities in the United States: Hartford, CT; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Jersey City, NJ; Chattanooga, TN; and Richardson, TX. Each community will receive $100,000 plus technical assistance from the Blue Zones, LLC, built environment team.

*The grant application window has ended for 2019.*

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