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The Blue Zones Well-Being Center

The Blue Zones Well-Being Center will create a new standard for a high-touch and high-tech destination for a better life by design. It will be a worry-free environment designed for better performance and more good years. It will combine ancient lessons and healing practices with modern medicine and apply the most effective AI and technology so the lifestyle sticks.

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Well-Being & Lifestyle Medicine Center

The Medical Center will be a place of both cutting-edge medicine and a space built to heal and comfort. It will merge the best practices of both hospitality and healthcare. This will put the Legacy Hotel & Residences on the map as the first place for a fully integrated Well-Being and Medical Center that not only treats sickness but also focuses on keeping people well.

Blue Zones Well-Being Center at The Legacy Hotel & Residences

Blue Zones Well-Being Center at The Legacy Hotel & Residences is a first-of-its-kind experience in the world built from the ground up according to Blue Zones principles. A transformative exploration and discovery of how the world’s longest-living peoples live long, healthy, happy, and purpose-filled lives.

Everyone from the front desk staff to short-term guests can expect a fully immersive Blue Zones experience as they visit the Legacy Hotel &
Residences where the healthy choice is the easy choice, from the building design encouraging moving naturally to the Blue Zones menus in onsite restaurants encouraging eating wisely, to the policies and programming encouraging people to connect more with each other and their purpose.

The Blue Zones Center for High Well-Being is rooted in our research of the world’s healthiest populations, the latest in the science of well-being, and the most innovative applications of AI.

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Using evidence-based lessons of longevity from the blue zones, we optimize the Life Radius, where we live, work, learn, and play.

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Using secrets discovered in Blue Zones areas—rare longevity hotspots—we help transform communities into areas where the healthy choice is easy.

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Miami Worldcenter is a world-class urban destination that brings a new energy to the city of Miami. With a compelling and unique blend of exceptional entertainment, retail, residential and commercial offerings set among a pedestrian-friendly environment and green spaces, Miami Worldcenter is the diverse and dynamic heart of the city.

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Residents of the original “Blue Zones” regions live in very different parts of the world. Yet they have nine commonalities that lead to longer, healthier lives.

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Building a Blue Zones Experience from the Ground Up

Blue Zones Southwest Florida Transformation

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