Blue Zones can help students do better

As your child settles into school, here are some suggestions from Blue Zones Project.

  • Walk or bike to campus with your child. Kids will arrive alert and ready for class.
  • Make time each evening to discuss homework, school activities and any anxieties. A family walk is a great way to spend time together.
  • Turn off electronic devices in the bedroom. Texting and watching TV make it harder to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Set out fruit and other healthy after-school snacks so kids can fuel up for studying and practice.
  • Fill the refrigerator with water. Cut back on sugary drinks.
  • Plan healthy meals in advance. Eat dinner as a family as often as possible.

These tips are based on Blue Zones Project’s Power 9 principles—nine habits shared by the world’s longest living people. These principles aren’t just for students, of course; well-being is important at every age, and you can easily practice the Power 9 as a family. For example, you can Move Naturally by going for walks, parking father away from the store, or just playing outside together. Physical activity improves health and clears the mind for better thinking. And we have seen that pay off in the classroom.

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