Two more North Hawaii organizations ‘approved’

Kohala Coffee Mill was named the the first Blue Zones Restaurant® in Kohala, and the third in North Hawaii. Kohala Seventh-day Adventist was named the first Blue Zones Project® Approved faith-based organization in the region. Kohala’s Adventist Church has a natural connection to Blue Zones Project, since one of the five original Blue Zones is Loma Linda, California — a town that has a large concentration of Seventh-day Adventists. To become an approved restaurant, Kohala Coffee Mill added a “Blue Zones Breakfast” dish to the menu featuring one soufflé egg with multigrain or gluten-free bread topped with veggies of choice. Other changes made during the pledge process were locally sourcing as much of their produce and soup ingredients as possible from local farms, and creating or modifying main dishes to meet the Blue Zones Healthy Dish Guidelines.

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