Peaches In Raspberry Yogurt Sauce


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Eating the Blue Zones® way does not mean you have to deprive yourself.  Treat yourself to a delicious dessert inspired by flavors from Loma Linda, CA with our recipe for peaches in raspberry yogurt sauce.

Makes 4 Servings


  • 4 fresh ripe peaches or nectarines, preferably freestone peaches
  • 1 cup frozen unsweetened raspberries
  • ½ cup non-fat yogurt, unsweetened or vanilla flavored
  • 1 T sugar or honey
  • 1 T of orange liqueur (optional)
  • fresh mint


  1. Split peaches or nectarines in half.
  2. Mash raspberries with  the back of a spoon or potato masher.
  3. Add liqueur (optional), yogurt and honey to mashed raspberries.
  4. Divide peaches into individual dishes and spoon yogurt sauce over the top.
  5. Garnish with whole raspberries and fresh mint.