Watermelon Cake


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This stacked watermelon cake is a pretty centerpiece for any celebration. Decorate it with coconut cream or your favorite berries.



1–2 nectarines, thinly sliced


Skewers, to assemble


  1. Cut the watermelon into three slices. Make one a little bit larger and wider than the other two.
  2. Cut off the peel with a knife.
  3. Place the largest, widest slice on a cake platter to form the base.
  4. Arrange nectarines on top of the watermelon slice.
  5. Place 3–4 skewers upright into the watermelon base.
  6. Thread 2–3 blueberries onto each skewer. This will hold up the next layer.
  7. Carefully push the next watermelon layer through the skewers.
  8. Again arrange the nectarines on top of the watermelon and spear 2-3 blueberries onto each skewer.
  9. Push the top watermelon layer through the skewers.
  10. Top with nectarine slices or blueberries.
  11. Push blueberries onto the skewers to decorate.

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