Blue Zones Retreats

Led and curated by Blue Zones trained facilitators. Live the Power 9® principles

through workshops and activities while exploring a new destination.

Our Retreats


Blue Zones partners with hotels and resorts across the world to bring you the blue zones’ centenarians longevity secrets via immersive, life-enhancing experiences.

Through workshops and activities run by trained Blue Zones facilitators, you will learn about the Power 9® principles in educational and fun ways for long-lasting health and happiness.

We select host properties with environments that reflect the Blue Zones approach, where the healthy choice is the easy choice, and community building, connection to the destination, and sustainability are fostered.

Host a Blue Zones Retreat

Are you passionate about Blue Zones? Do you embrace your surroundings and local culture and treat your guests and employees well? Does your space encourage natural movement, social interactions, and downshifting?

Get in touch with our team below to explore a Blue Zones retreat at your property.


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